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PT. Wana Bangun Khatulistiwa

"Revitalizing Landscapes, Cultivating Forests, and Crafting Carbon Solutions:
Your Partner in Sustainable Earth Stewardship"

PT. Wana Bangun Khatulistiwa is Indonesia's consulting firm, specializing in land rehabilitation and restoration, forest management, as well as carbon emissions and trading. With years of experiences, extensive knowledge, and hands-on approach, we are committed to guiding you towards realizing your environmental goals.

Our Services

Land Rehabilitation, Restoration and Revegetation

at PT. Wana Bangun Khatulistiwa, wes pecialize in the rehabilitation of post-mining landscapes and in managing erosion and sedimentation for infrastructure projects, turning environmental liabilities into sustainable assets. Our approach to reclamation and revegetation of post-mining lands involves not just the restoration of the ecological balance, but the creation of a vibrant, self-sustaining eco system that adds value to the community. We utilize advanced techniques and innovative solutions to control erosion and manage sedimentation, ensuring the longevity and stability of infrastructure while protecting natural waterways and soil quality. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering results that exceed environmental compliance and set new standards in ecological restoration. Partner with us to transform challenged landscapes into thriving naturalhabitats and secure your infrastructure agains the forces of nature, all while contributing positively to the environment and community.

Nursery and Seedlings

We prepare nurseries for the provision and supply of high-quality seeds for forestry plants, multi-purpose trees pecies (MPTS), and fruit trees, catering to the needs of forest development, reclamation, and land/forestrehabilitation. Our focus is on cultivating robust seedlings that are essential for successful forest regeneration and land restoration projects. By ensuring the availability of diverse and resilient plant species, we contribute to the effective establishment of forests and the revitalization of degraded lands, there by supporting ecological balance and sustainability in forest development, reclamation, and rehabilitation efforts.

Carbon Credit Generation

We help you in transforming environ mental challenges into opportunities through our carboncredit generation services. Our approach is rooted in innovative strategies and scientific rigor, ensuring that every carbon credit reflects real, measurable, and long-term environmental benefits. We guide our clients through every step of the carbon credit generation process–from project identification and development to validation, verification, and ultimately, the sale of credits. Our expertise in navigating complex regulatory frame works and our deep understanding of market dynamics positions us uniquely to maximize the value and impact of your carbonprojects. By choosing us, you are not only contributing to the global fight against climatechange but also unlocking new revenue streams and enhancing your corporate sustainailityprofile. Let us empower your journey towards agreener, more responsible, and profit able future.


We also able in orchestrating impactful events centered around forestry and carbon-related topics, blending industry expertise with exceptional event management. We understand the critical importance of these subjects in today's environmentally conscious world. Our team is dedicated to creating forums that not only enlighten and engage but also inspire action and innovation in the fields of forestry and carbon management. From high-level conference sandseminars to workshops and networking events, we meticulously plan and execute each detail, ensuring a platform that facilitates meaningful discussions, cutting-edge insights, and collaborative opportunities among experts, policy makers, and industry leaders.


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